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American Diner Then and Now

, 272 pages

275 b&w photos

October 2000



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American Diner Then and Now

From the first diner in 1872 to the "rediscovery" of diners in the 1990s, Richard J. S. Gutman's American Diner Then and Now covers the history, architecture, menus, and the appeal of this uniquely American creation. With 275 photographs in color and black and white, this book is the landmark work on its subject, a revised and expanded edition of Gutman's classic American Diner—the book, published in 1979, that inspired people to buy, restore, and reopen diners across the country. This edition includes a state-by-state directory, "Where the Diners Are," listing locations for currently operating diners.

Richard J. S. Gutman, known as "The Dinerman," is regularly consulted by diner manufacturers, owners and restorers, museums, and curators of popular culture collections. He lives in West Roxbury, Massachusetts.

"The next time you eat in a diner, thank Richard J. S. Gutman for the experience."

"Stuffed with facts and photos, including pictures of old menus, advertising and blueprints. Two directories in the back provide information on diner manufacturers and list, state by state, 1,400 operating diners."

"A great guide."

"Diners are quintessential Americana, and Mr. Gutman offers a comprehensive view from their humble beginning to their heyday, decline, and revival."

"The Bible, the Torah, and the Koran of diner lore, all in one handy volume."

"A welcome revised and expanded edition of Richard Gutman's now classic American Diner.."

"Beautifully illustrated, generously designed, and very well written."

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