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Apprentice to Genius

, 304 pages
November 1993



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Apprentice to Genius

The Making of a Scientific Dynasty

Robert Kanigel takes us into the heady world of a remarkable group of scientists working at the National Institutes of Health and the Johns Hopkins University: a dynasty of American researchers who for over forty years have made Nobel Prize- and Lasker Award-winning breakthroughs in biomedical science.

Robert Kanigel is a professional science writer. His recent book, The Man Who Knew Infinity: A Life of the Genius Ramanujan, was a national bestseller and National Book Critics Circle Award finalist for biography in 1992.

"A beguiling combination of sociological and scientific scholarship, straight reporting and titillating voyeurism."

"Making extensive use of interviews and anecdote, Kanigel depicts how, in a mentor-to-protege chain starting with James Shannon and moving to Bernard Brodie and then to Julius Axelrod, the legacy of creativity and empirical style has passed to Snyder and then to Pert."

"As compelling as a Jackie Collins novel, though with bigger words."

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