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Beyond State Crisis?

, 504 pages
February 2002



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Beyond State Crisis?

Post-Colonial Africa and Post-Soviet Eurasia in Comparative Perspective

This book compares sub-Saharan Africa and the former Soviet Union, two regions beset by the breakdown of states suffering from extreme official corruption, organized crime extending into warlordism, and the disintegration of economic institutions and public institutions for human services. The contributors not only study state breakdown but also compare the consequences of post-communism with those of post-colonialism.

Mark Beissinger and M. Crawford Young are professors of political science at the University of Wisconsin–Madison.

"This volume is one of the few comparative studies of the two regions. As such, it reaches for broader and more theoretical generalizations across distinct geographical and cultural ines, rendering the book novoe, informative, and unique."

"The excellent scholarly studies in [ Beyond State Crisis?] offer both in-depth focus on specific countries and problems and useful comparative speculation regarding similarities and differences between the Eurasian and African experiences. They make a strong case for the serious scholarly comparison of the two regions... Any scholar interested in comparative studies and international relations will find a wealth of substantive detail and theoretical discussion by expert observers of state effectiveness and breakdown in this important book."

"Will most certainly become a classic of comparative politics."

"This is a serious and important book that makes a contribution to our understanding of state effectiveness, state breakdown, and violence in Africa and Eurasia. The comparison between the two broad regions is creatively handled and introduced. The individual chapters, all by prominent experts in their fields, are based on solid research and offer insights that are original and of considerable policy importance. If you want to know how weak states work—or don't work—this book is essential reading."

"A volume that everyone, both professionals and students, concerned with the current world could read with profit. "

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