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Biology of Amphibians

, 696 pages
February 1994



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Biology of Amphibians

This is the widely acclaimed, preeminent reference and text on all aspects of amphibian biology, including their life history, ecology, morphology, and evolution. Copiously illustrated with original drawings and photographs and meticulously referenced with more than 2,500 bibliographic entries, it has proved indispensable to professional biologists and students alike. Now reissued in paperback with an updated preface by the authors, Biology of Amphibians remains the standard work in its field.

William E. Duellman and Linda Trueb are curators in the division of herpetology at the Museum of Natural History, University of Kansas, Lawrence.

"Duellman and Trueb truly review the biology of amphibians, covering most conceivable topics from cytogenetics and development to biogeography and phylogeny... There is no recent textbook on amphibian biology that is worthy of comparison."

"An impressive review of current knowledge concerning all aspects of amphibian biology. The authors have organized a tremendous number of facts, observations, and theories around the complementary themes of structure and evolution... A major undertaking."

"The text is clear and concise and richly illustrated... This book goes some way towards being all one could wish for and is likely to be an important source of reference."