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Bipolar Disorder in Later Life

, 280 pages

9 b&w illus.

April 2007
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Bipolar Disorder in Later Life

This comprehensive volume is the first to offer guidance to clinicians and researchers treating or studying bipolar disorder in older adults. Growing numbers of elderly people are affected by this serious mental illness.

Presenting the most recent information, experts in the fields of bipolar disorder, geriatrics, and mental health services research cover late-life bipolar disorder in four major domains: epidemiology and assessment, treatment, complexity and comorbidity, and specialized care delivery. Revealing the effect of the aging process on the disease, they address diagnosis patterns over the life course, rating scales of assessment, pharmacologic and psychological therapies, adherence to treatment, effects of cultural factors, assessing the quality of care, and legal and ethical issues.

An important tool for clinicians, this book will serve as a springboard for further research into this complex disorder.

Martha Sajatovic, M.D., is a professor of psychiatry at Case Western Reserve University. Frederic C. Blow, Ph.D., is a professor of psychiatry at the University of Michigan.

"This excellent book is so timely and relevant. The editors have succeeded in gathering a group of distinguished psychiatrists, gerontologists, and public health experts who precisely summarize current knowledge and unmet needs in the area of bipolar disorder in older patients."

"A comprehensive and useful text on the various aspects of bipolar disorders in older patients... A useful addition for clinicians in medicine and psychiatry who care for geriatric patients and for psychiatrists with a keen interest in bipolar disorders in general."

"An exceptionally well-written thorough review of this emerging focus of research. Both clinicians and academicians will find it to be a necessary and useful work in its own right, and we hope that it leads to continued advances in the field."

"A good synopsis... The book is well written, concise, easy to read and illustrated by 'real-life cases' in some chapters."

"A comprehensive, consistent and integrated perspective."

"A valuable reference for psychiatrists and other mental health professionals who have older individuals under their care. "

"A compilation of the most recent information and expert observations available on the subject of bipolar disease and is a must for every clinician and researcher interested in any aspect of this complex disorder in the elderly."

"Anyone, whether a medical professional or not, who is interested in late-life bipolar disorder can find guidance and information in this book."

"This book is most relevant to those with a background or interest in psychiatry and it contains some useful references for medical students and others who are undertaking research in the area."

" Bipolar Disorder in Later Life... is timely, both for the information that it provides as well as highlighting the information that we lack."

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