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Candid Creatures

, 280 pages

604 color photos, 12 color illus., 72 maps, 22 graphs

May 2016



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Candid Creatures

How Camera Traps Reveal the Mysteries of Nature



In Candid Creatures, the first major book to reveal the secret lives of animals through motion-sensitive game cameras, biologist Roland Kays has assembled over 600 remarkable photographs. Drawing from archives of millions of color and night-vision photographs collected by hundreds of researchers, Kays has selected images that show the unique perspectives of wildlife from throughout the world. Using these photos, he tells the stories of scientific discoveries that camera traps have enabled, such as living proof of species thought to have been extinct and details of predator-prey interactions.

Each image captures a moment frozen in the camera’s flash as animals move through their wild habitats. Kays also discusses how scientists use camera traps to address conservation issues, creating solutions that allow humans and wild animals to coexist. More than just a collection of amazing animal pictures, the book’s text, maps, and illustrations work together to describe the latest findings in the fast-moving field of wildlife research.

Candid Creatures is a testament to how the explosion of game cameras around the world has revolutionized the study of animal ecology. The powerful combination of pictures and stories of discovery will fascinate anyone interested in science, nature, wildlife biology, or photography.

Roland Kays is the director of the Biodiversity Laboratory at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences and a research associate professor at North Carolina State University. He is the coauthor of Mammals of North America.

"A well illustrated introduction on the subject."

"In this compelling book, biologist Roland Kays presents 600 remarkable camera-trap images and describes the scientific discoveries and conservation achievements that they have enabled...will particularly appeal to those who have felt the excitement of uploading footage to find that unexpected clip."

"Recommended. Lower-division undergraduates and professionals; general readers."

"... the coverage of rare and rarely seen species is impressive and the book could be an inspirational gift for anyone interested in natural history– especially if given together"

"Candid Creatures: How Camera Traps Reveal the Mysteries of Nature as a great contribution to the current wildlife literature, and I would recommend this book for anyone’s personal library."

"All the excitement of animal life is captures within the 261 large-sized full-color photographed pages."

"... full of fabulous pictures of weird and wonderful creatures... [Candid Creatures is] loaded with information and carrys a strong conservation message."

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