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The Carbon Code

, 232 pages
April 2017



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The Carbon Code

How You Can Become a Climate Change Hero

Our world is getting hotter, and it’s our fault. Our addiction to fossil fuels is destroying not only our ancient planet, but our modern civilization. How can we protect our fragile ecosystems while preserving our way of life? How can we respond to climate change deniers who mock the fact that environmental activists use fossil fuels? In short, how can your average concerned citizen live a normal life in a carbon-based economy without being justifiably called a hypocrite? In The Carbon Code, conservation biologist Brett Favaro answers these thorny questions, offering simple strategies to help you reduce your carbon footprint—without abandoning common sense.

Favaro’s Carbon Code of Conduct is based on the four Rs: Reduce, Replace, Refine, and Rehabilitate. After outlining the scientific basics of climate change and explaining the logic of the code he prescribes, the author describes carbon-friendly technologies and behaviors we can adopt in our daily lives. However, he acknowledges that individual action, while vital, is insufficient. To achieve global sustainability, he insists that we must make the fight against climate change "go viral" through conspicuous conservation.

The Carbon Code is a tool of empowerment. People don’t need to be climate change experts to be part of the solution! In this book, Brett Favaro shows you how to take ownership of your carbon footprint and adopt a lifestyle of conspicuous conservation that will spur governments and corporations to do the same. Climate-friendly action is the best decision on every dimension—economics, health and well-being, and social justice. Saving the planet is, after all, about saving ourselves. The Carbon Code provides a framework to do this, and helps you to become a hero in the fight against climate change.

Brett Favaro is a research scientist at Memorial University of Newfoundland. He lectures widely on applying scientific approaches to creating a sustainable future for the planet.

"Brett Favaro’s timely book is a clearly written and motivational guide to what each of us can do to address climate change—now—by taking simple actions in our everyday lives. It clearly and irrefutably makes the case for urgent action, demonstrates what individuals can do now, and empowers the reader with facts and arguments to persuade others to act. Essential reading—not just for environmentalists, but for everyone."

"Less of a harangue and more of a how-to guide, the book explains in refreshingly forthright terms how technological advances are making it easier and cheaper to be green."

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