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Cars and Culture

, 192 pages

21 halftones

April 2006



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Cars and Culture

The Life Story of a Technology

One of the leading artifacts of modern technology, the automobile has shaped our physical, economic, social, and cultural environment. The history of the automobile demonstrates how the decisions of governments, entrepreneurs, and the general public influence technological evolution. A succinct yet comprehensive history, Cars and Culture highlights the technical changes that altered the appearance and performance of automobiles, along with the myriad forces that have shaped the car's development.

Rudi Volti teaches sociology at Pitzer College in Claremont, California. His publications include Society and Technological Change (Worth Publishers, 2005), The Engineer in History (Peter Lang Publishing, 2001), and The Facts on File Encyclopedia of Science, Technology and Society (Facts on File, 1999).

"An excellent and easily read encapsulation of major themes in automobile history."

"Briskly paced and well written narrative."