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Choices in Breast Cancer Treatment

, 416 pages

20 halftones, 27 line drawings

January 2008



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Choices in Breast Cancer Treatment

Medical Specialists and Cancer Survivors Tell You What You Need to Know

A diagnosis of breast cancer can be overwhelming. The disease is frightening and the medical landscape confusing. In the wake of fear and confusion comes the need to make decisions about treatment. This book provides women with medically reliable and up-to-date information to help them with these decisions.

Within these pages is a team of private consultants—including surgeons, medical oncologists, radiologists, plastic surgeons, and women who have faced breast cancer—each of whom offers sound advice and valuable insight. In addition to describing surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, hormone therapy, and breast reconstruction, the medical experts clarify choices and offer support, while breast cancer survivors tell their own stories of pain, perseverance, and triumph.

Choices in Breast Cancer Treatment is a rare blend of medical expertise and compelling personal accounts that empowers those with breast cancer to meet the disease with confidence, knowledge, and hope.

Kenneth D. Miller, M.D., a practicing medical oncologist, is an assistant professor of medicine and oncology at the Yale Cancer Center, Yale School of Medicine. He serves as the director of the Connecticut Challenge Survivorship Clinic and of the Supportive Care Program at Yale Cancer Center.

"An indispensable resource for any breast cancer patient or a patient's friends and family."

"Miller's approach provides the reader with the sense that she's had a private and unhurried consultation with each specialist: medical oncologists, radiation oncologists and surgeons... This collection will help to fortify women making tough choices, offering invaluable information along with hope."

"There is a great deal of very detailed information in this book."

"More than a standard reference guide... this book arms readers with knowledge, confidence, and hope as they begin their journey from sickness to health."

"This step-by-step guide offers newly diagnosed patients a path through the complex and often overwhelming array of information and decisions... helpful charts and illustrations accompany clearly presented medical information, all conveyed in an inclusive, supportive tone."

"This is a useful book for patients and their families as it provides a good description of treatment options as well as tips from breast cancer survivors."

"Appropriate for all women, their family members and friends, physicians, and other care providers."

"Highly recommended to every woman... and for community library health shelves in general."

"This fine book achieves the goal of providing clear and relevant medical information and guidance from specialists in order to help patients make treatment decisions. In addition, through the narratives of both patients and physicians, it will likely provide inspiration and hope to women who are confronting the challenge of breast cancer."

"Finally—one-stop reading for any woman facing breast cancer."

"Well written and very understandable for the lay audience."

"A resource that combines medical expertise with emotional insight in a valuable and educational way for women at any stage of the breast cancer journey."

"This book provides a good overview about breast cancer diagnosis and treatment... A good reference book providing both factual and emotional insights into the breat cancer journey."

"Dr. Miller has a wealth of experience as a medical oncologist and a keen understanding as a compassionate physician of the difficult choices that face women diagnosed with breast cancer. Miller wisely combines the voices and expertise of breast cancer survivors and the doctors who care for them. This book paves the way for women who want a clear understanding of their options in order to astutely make what may be the most important decisions of their lives. "

"This excellent book provides just the right mixture of accurate medical information and insight and emotions from breast cancer survivors who share their own experiences. This combination will help women with breast cancer make informed decisions about their medical treatment and will also help them cope with the fears, frustrations, and other emotions of their journey."

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