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Death Rays, Jet Packs, Stunts, and Supercars

, 248 pages

28 color illus., 80 halftones, 10 line drawings

October 2005
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Death Rays, Jet Packs, Stunts, and Supercars

The Fantastic Physics of Film's Most Celebrated Secret Agent

James Bond would have died a thousand deaths if not for Q, the genius behind the pen grenades and weaponized sports cars that have helped Britain's most famous secret agent cheat death in twenty films. Here Barry Parker demonstrates how science and technology have been as important to 007 as good looks, shaken martinis, and beautiful women.

Using entertaining sketches and nontechnical language, Parker explains the basic physics behind the gadgets, cars, and stunts in a number of Bond films, from the jet packs in Thunderball to the dynamics of daredevil bungee jumping in GoldenEye.

If you've ever wondered whether the laser could have actually cut Bond in half ( Goldfinger), if a wristwatch could really unzip a woman's dress ( Live and Let Die), or whether your car could do the 360-degree barrel roll from The Man with the Golden Gun, this book is for you.

" Top 5 Bond Stunts of All Time" Q and His "Amazing" Devices" The Bond Cars in All Their Glory" Moonraker and Bond in Space" The Walther PPK and the Ballistics of Bond" The Neptune and Battles Aquatic

Barry Parker is a professor emeritus of physics at Idaho State University and the author of The Isaac Newton School of Driving, also available from Johns Hopkins.

"In an entertaining narrative, Parker explores which aspects of Ian Fleming's Bond stories are scientifically sound and which are purely fiction or movie magic."

"Offers an entertaining and penetrating look at the James Bond phenomenon by exploring the technical and scientific aspect of stunts and gadgets seen in the movies. This is a unique book James Bond fans will not want to miss."

"A very successful and entirely charming book that belongs in all college libraries. Highly recommended."

"A fun romp with a handful of equations, charts, and diagrams."

"Thorough and clearly written."

"Parker has a terrific idea here—to scrutinize the science of the special effects on parade in the James Bond movies."

"A book that's sure to appeal to teens with an interest in gadgets, cars, stunts, trick cinematography, and sports."

"For anyone moderately interested in both James Bond and physics, this is an entertaining and relatively easy read."

"A very enjoyable book with some very well handled physics."

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