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, 568 pages

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May 2003
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Presentations, Differential Diagnosis, and Nosology

second edition

In this new edition of the acclaimed Dementia: Presentations, Differential Diagnosis, and Nosology, V. Olga B. Emery, Ph.D., and Thomas E. Oxman, M.D., bring together a distinguished group of medical authorities—including many who have done seminal research in this field—to discuss the spectrum of dementing disorders and explain their overlap, presentations, and differential diagnosis. The chapters present original data as well as material from the authors' clinical experiences. Current classification systems are evaluated and modified to better account for common presentations of dementia.

Thoroughly revised, updated, and expanded, the second edition includes new material on neuroimaging, genetics, the role of inflammation in Alzheimer disease, retrophylogenesis in Alzheimer memory, and on AIDS dementia. In addition, each chapter includes a new section entitled describing clinical applications.

V. Olga B. Emery, Ph.D., is an adjunct associate professor of psychiatry at Dartmouth Medical School and director of the New Hampshire Center on Aging, Health and Society. She also holds an appointment at Harvard Medical School. Thomas E. Oxman, M.D., is a professor of psychiatry and community and family medicine at Dartmouth Medical School.

"A forward-thinking contribution to the field of dementia and is commendable for its goal of striving beyond overly simplistic, formulaic conventions. It would be well placed on the library shelf of the curious and contemplative cognitive clinician."

"A major contribution to dementia research... An excellent reference text for those exploring both the uncharted areas of research and some of the clinical aspects of dementia."

"A valuable addition to our understanding of the conditions that erode our memory."

"Timely publication... Stimulating and thorough coverage."

"A thorough, current discussion of the various aspects of dementia, possibly the best now available."

"A major contribution to dementia research... Should be read by all scientists and clinicians interested in these important diseases associated with aging."

"Emery and Oxman have done a valuable service by documenting the pitfalls in our current understanding of dementia. They are preparing the way for a new synthesis."

"This book is authoritative on the subject of dementia and every clinician who sees patients with this rather debilitating and progressive illness will find this very resourceful. Once you start reading you feel compelled to continue turning the pages till the very last."

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