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The DOs

, 264 pages

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March 2004



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The DOs

Osteopathic Medicine in America

second edition

Overcoming suspicion, ridicule, and outright opposition from the American Medical Association, the osteopathic medical profession today serves the health needs of more than thirty million Americans. The DOs chronicles the development of this controversial medical movement from the nineteenth century to the present. Historian Norman Gevitz describes the philosophy and practice of osteopathy, as well as its impact on medical care. From the theories underlying the use of spinal manipulation developed by osteopathy's founder, Andrew Taylor Still, Gevitz traces the movement's early success, despite attacks from the orthodox medical community, and details the internal struggles to broaden osteopathy's scope to include the full range of pharmaceuticals and surgery. He also recounts the efforts of osteopathic colleges to achieve parity with institutions granting M.D. degrees and looks at the continuing effort by osteopathic physicians and surgeons to achieve greater recognition and visibility.

In print continuously since 1982, The DOs has now been thoroughly updated and expanded to include two new chapters addressing recent and current challenges and to bring the history of the profession up to the beginning of the new millennium.

Norman Gevitz is professor of the history of medicine at Ohio University. He is the editor of Other Healers: Unorthodox Medicine in America, also available from Johns Hopkins.

"An outstanding second edition,... bringing his history into the present and giving the reader a remarkably insightful understanding of osteopathic medicine and the challenges it faces today... A superbly written book, well researched, thoughtful, and enjoyable to read. Gevtiz has made an important contribution to the canon of medical literature"

"Lucid, thorough, and judicious... Gevitz has produced an excellent study."

"The best historical study of the subject to date."

"Gevitz provides what may well be the definitive study."

"A refreshing and balanced view of the osteopathic profession."

"The most meticulous and careful study of the profession ever written by an outsider, and it is very useful."

"Entertaining, thoughtful, and interesting to read... Gevitz's history reminds us once again of the many factors that influence the division of labor in health care. For the illumination it provides on these matters, this well-written account should take its place as a major sourcebook on a small but important occupation."

"Gevitz has written an invaluable brief history of osteopathic medicine... An indispensable book that will be useful to any scholar in the field."

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