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Ecology and Conservation of the Diamond-backed Terrapin

, 296 pages

42 halftones, 23 line drawings

January 2019



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Ecology and Conservation of the Diamond-backed Terrapin


The diamond-backed terrapin is not only a uniquely evolved and beautiful turtle, it also has a long history as a vital American food source. Once so numerous that people reportedly grew tired of eating them, diamond-backed terrapins are greatly reduced in numbers today and have become an icon of salt marsh conservation. Considerably diminished in some areas and struggling to survive, this distinctive brackish water turtle is the focus of intense conservation efforts.

In Ecology and Conservation of the Diamond-backed Terrapin, leading terrapin researcher Willem M. Roosenburg and experienced science editor Victor S. Kennedy have brought together a group of expert scientists to summarize our current understanding of terrapin biology, physiology, behavior, and conservation efforts. Over the course of 19 comprehensive chapters, contributors

• review the latest information on this charismatic species
• provide a detailed summary of the terrapin's natural history
• explain the threats to terrapin population stability throughout their range
• examine ongoing conservation efforts to ensure the reptile's survival
• present convincing arguments for the value of the diamond-backed terrapin as an estuarine indicator organism
• use the terrapin as a model for studying the consequences of exploitation and environmental degradation on long-lived species

This exceptional book provides pivotal information for estuarine and turtle biologists, terrapin enthusiasts, natural historians, educators, conservationists, resource managers, and students. Ecology and Conservation of the Diamond-backed Terrapin is the definitive volume on this important American reptile.

Contributors: Benjamin K. Atkinson, Harold W. Avery, Patrick J. Baker, Ralph E.J. Boerner, Russell L. Burke, Joseph A. Butler, Randolph M. Chambers, Paul E. Converse, Brian A. Crawford, Rusty D. Day, Dana J. Ehret, J. Whitfield Gibbons, Kathryn M. Greene, Leigh Anne Harden, Andrew S. Harrison, Kristen M. Hart, George L. Heinrich, Dawn K. Holliday, Victor S. Kennedy, Shawn R. Kuchta, Lori A. Lester, Jeffrey E. Lovich, John C. Maerz, David Owens, Allen R. Place, Taylor Roberge, Willem M. Roosenburg, Richard A. Seigel, Amanda Southwood Williard, Edward A. Standora, Anton D. Tucker, Diane C. Tulipani, Timothy J. Walsh, Thane Wibbels, Will Williams, Roger C. Wood

Willem M. Roosenburg is the director of the Ohio Center for Ecology and Evolutionary Studies and a professor of biological sciences at Ohio University. Victor S. Kennedy is emeritus professor at the University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science. He is the author of Shifting Baselines in the Chesapeake Bay: An Environmental History.

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