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Ecosystem Change and Public Health

, 504 pages

10 halftones, 59 line drawings

May 2001



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Ecosystem Change and Public Health

A Global Perspective

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"The purpose of this textbook on global ecosystem change and human health is twofold:(1) to raise awareness of changes in human health related to global ecosystem change and (2) to expand the scope of the traditional curriculum in environmental health to include the interactions of major environmental forces and public health on a global scale."—from the Introduction

Ecosystem Change and Public Health focuses on how human health is affected by global ecosystem changes. It is the first textbook devoted to this emerging field, offering a global perspective on research methods and emphasizing empirical investigations of health outcomes in combination with integrated assessment for policy development. The book covers such topics as global climate change, stratospheric ozone depletion, water resources management, and ecology and infectious disease. Case studies of cholera, malaria, the effects of water resources, and global climate change and air pollution illustrate the analysis and methodology. The book also includes a resource center describing places to start searches on the World Wide Web, guidelines for finding and evaluating information, suggested study projects, and strategies for encouraging communication among course participants.

Joan L. Aron, Ph.D. is president of Science Communication Studies and an associate in the Department of Epidemiology at the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health. Jonathan A. Patz, M.D., M.P.H. is an assistant professor and director of the Program on Health Effects of Global Environmental Change in the Department of Environmental Health Sciences at the Johns Hopkins School of Hygiene and Public Health.

"The global disruption of the ecosystem caused by changing human behavior during the last two centuries creates the need for new public health specialists who can understand environmental and social science specialists and act in concert with them. With Joan L. Aron and Jonathan A. Patz' book, the next generation is undoubtedly better equipped than its predecessors to do so."

"A most useful contribution to informed discussion of global changes. Richly referenced with many website coordinates as well as conventional citations to journal articles and monographs. A very valuable addition to the literature on ecosystems and human health. Graduate students taking courses with this as a guide will have their knowledge enriched, their skills strengthened, and their awareness of the issues greatly enhanced."

"This is an outstanding interdisciplinary text for upper level undergraduate and graduate students in studying the connections between global change and public policy. Logically written, well-organized, and straightforward, it provides an Earth systems approach to current global change studies. The wide array of references, the Suggested Study Projects, and the two appendices that provide outstanding information, are well structured for educational inquiry, and enhance student learning."

"One of the first books to explore the interface between public health and global ecosystem changes. Highly recommended for graduate students in public health, upper-division undergraduates in a range of disciplines, researchers, faculty, and practitioners."

"In short, it is an innovative and timely textbook which will influence the evolution of teaching and research in this topic area, whose international importance continues to grow rapidly."

"[ Ecosystem Change and Public Health] provides a bridge between traditional public health disciplines and new concerns, and as a model of the new generation of textx it is well worth reading."

"[ Ecosystem Change and Public Health] provides navigational tools and supplemental resources that together serve as a springboard from which interested scholars can actively explore the issues and interrelationships that underlie ecosytem change and public health."

" Ecosystem Change and Public Health is an impressive text that is sure to become a key reference on the subject."

"This important and timely book explores the interface between public health and natural systems. The increase in number of humans and in our individual and collective power has exponentially intensified our impact on the health of ecosystems, an impact that has consequences to our own health. Effective policies to deal with these threats depend upon scientific understanding of the complex interactions between humans, the natural environment and our public health. This book provides the background necessary to pursue these policies and to develop the additional understanding and information needed for the future."

" Ecosystem Change and Public Health... is one of those books that has long been due. It will quickly find a place on the shelves and tables of students, teachers, and professionals working in a broad range of disciplines... As we enter the twenty-first century, the health implications of a destabilized global ecosystem are an increasing challenge to scientists, physicians, governments, and the general public. This innovative textbook will undoubtedly become a major source of inspiration for those working and researching in this area of such need."

"This book has been well produced, particularly for the purpose of expanding and enlightening the teaching curricula in environmental health... an innovative and timely textbook...[and] a book that non-students can very comfortably and usefully go through—or even read in bed."