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Elementary Quantum Mechanics in One Dimension

, 240 pages

104 line drawings

October 2004



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Elementary Quantum Mechanics in One Dimension

One of the key components of modern physics, quantum mechanics is used in such fields as chemistry, electrical engineering, and computer science. Central to quantum mechanics is Schrödinger's Equation, which explains the behavior of atomic particles and the energy levels of a quantum system. Robert Gilmore's innovative approach to Schrödinger's Equation offers new insight into quantum mechanics at an elementary level.

Gilmore presents compact transfer matrix methods for solving quantum problems that can easily be implemented on a personal computer. He shows how to use these methods on a large variety of potentials, both simple and periodic. He shows how to compute bound states, scattering states, and energy bands and describes the relation between bound and scattering states. Chapters on alloys, superlattices, quantum engineering, and solar cells indicate the practical application of the methods discussed.

Gilmore's concise and elegant treatment will be of interest to students and professors of introductory and intermediate quantum courses, as well as professionals working in electrical engineering and applied mathematics.

Robert Gilmore is a professor of physics at Drexel University.

"I found this book to be very interesting and I enjoyed exploring the problems with the power and simplicity of Gilmore's approach."

"Gilmore will indulge many instructors' desires to dwell on problem-solving techniques in introductory quantum mechanics despite the ever-expanding menu of critical topics that need to be covered."

"A rich source of ideas for activities or projects suitable for students in an intermediate quantum mechanics or a computational physics course... Highly recommended to those teaching undergraduate quantum mechanics."

"No other work offers as many insights into the behavior of wavefuntions in one dimension, or offers such a systematic treatment of this problem. A novel and useful contribution to the physics community."

"This is the full-blooded version of an undergraduate course... aimed at the second-year undergraduate."

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