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Fast Car Physics

, 248 pages

9 halftones, 116 line drawings

January 2011



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Fast Car Physics

Revving engines, smoking tires, and high speeds. Car racing enthusiasts and race drivers alike know the thrill of competition, the push to perform better, and the agony—and dangers—of bad decisions. But driving faster and better involves more than just high horsepower and tightly tuned engines. Physicist and amateur racer Chuck Edmondson thoroughly discusses the physics underlying car racing and explains just what’s going on during any race, why, and how a driver can improve control and ultimately win.

The world of motorsports is rich with excitement and competition—and physics. Edmondson applies common mathematical theories to real-world racing situations to reveal the secrets behind successful fast driving. He explains such key concepts as how to tune your car and why it matters, how to calculate 0 to 60 mph times and quarter-mile times and why they are important, and where, when, why, and how to use kinematics in road racing. He wraps it up with insight into the impact and benefit of green technologies in racing. In each case, Edmondson’s in-depth explanations and worked equations link the physics principles to qualitative racing advice.

From selecting shifting points to load transfer in car control and beyond, Fast Car Physics is the ideal source to consult before buckling up and cinching down the belts on your racing harness.

Chuck Edmondson is a professor of physics at the United States Naval Academy and an avid amateur race car driver. He was the engineer on the submarine filmed in The Hunt for Red October.

"You don't have to be an engineer to build a fast race car but that certainly helps. Fast Car Physics helps enthusiasts apply the knowledge they gained in high school and college physics courses to the operation and tuning of a track car. Best of all, he does it in a clear and easy-to-follow manner."

"Fans of fast wheels and science alike will get a charge from this look at motor sports by a physicist and amateur race car driver."

"If motor racing and physics are your thing, you will love this book."

"Editor's Pick. Fast Car Physics is an excellent book for understanding the science and engineering behind car racing."

"A fine pick for any science of racing fan's collection!"

"The book functions well as a deep look into auto racing as well as a good description of applied physics."

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