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Feminist Pedagogy

, 280 pages
June 2009



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Feminist Pedagogy

Looking Back to Move Forward

This collection of essays traces the evolution of feminist pedagogy over the past twenty years, exploring both its theoretical and its practical dimensions.

Feminist pedagogy is defined as a set of epistemological assumptions, teaching strategies, approaches to content, classroom practices, and teacher-student relationships grounded in feminist theory. To apply this philosophy in the classroom, the editors maintain that feminist scholars must critically engage in dialogue and reflection about both what and how they teach, as well as how who they are affects how they teach. In identifying the themes and tensions within the field and in questioning why feminist pedagogy is particularly challenging in some educational environments, these articles illustrate how and why feminist theory is practiced in all kinds of classrooms.

In exploring feminist pedagogy in all its complexities, the contributors identify the practical applications of feminist theory in teaching practices, classroom dynamics, and student-teacher relationships. This volume will help readers develop theoretically grounded classroom practices informed by the advice and experience of fellow practitioners and feminist scholars.

Robbin D. Crabtree is dean of the College of Arts and Sciences and professor of communication at Fairfield University. David Alan Sapp is an associate professor of English and coordinator of the professional writing program at Fairfield University. Adela C. Licona is an assistant professor in the Department of English at the University of Arizona.

"This retrospective provides a comprehensive account of feminist pedagogical theory and practice over the past two decades. Teachers of all stripes will find rich ideas to bring to their classrooms."

"This valuable collection will appeal to both undergraduate and graduate students and their teachers, extending beyond the field of feminist pedagogy... this retrospective promises to engage readers at different levels of familiarity with feminist pedagogy, offering a substantial contribution to the field and revealing the relations and connections to be made within interdisciplinary studies."

"Feminist pedagogy is variously defined and practiced, but in their marvelous introduction the editors of this fine anthology... identify certain features of this 'passion and praxis' that will be of considerable value to all who, regardless of academic discipline, seek to improve their teaching."

"This well-chosen and organized collection... provides an integrated body of work on feminist pedagogy. The editors’ introduction and sections give the readers a valuable framework for examining and reflecting on principles and practices of feminist teaching. The book is also an excellent resource for teaching feminist pedagogy at both undergraduate and graduate levels."

"Drawn from the preeminent journal in women's studies, these essays constitute the best possible introduction to the broad field of feminist pedagogy. Ranging from theoretical explorations, to practical classroom applications, to challenges offered by diversities of race, ethnicity and sexuality, they offer a comprehensive exploration of the feminist classroom today."

"The introduction, the articles, and the two bibliographies included make this volume an indispensable resource for those interested in the scholarship of feminist pedagogy."

"A welcome addition to a growing scholarship... This book represents overall an accessible and challenging reading and, as such, would be of interest both to students and academics with a keen interest in gender issues in the classroom."

" Feminist Pedagogy: Looking Back to Move Forward is a valuable work that addresses prominent trends in discussions first raised within the NWSA Journal from 1989 to 2002."

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