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The Foot Book

, 232 pages

43 halftones, 20 line drawings

November 2013



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The Foot Book

A Complete Guide to Healthy Feet

Aching or painful feet make it hard to stand or walk—not to mention dance, play sports, and take part in other activities. To keep you on your feet, this book offers a rich resource for understanding what can go wrong and how disorders, diseases, and injuries to the foot are diagnosed and treated.

In this readable guide to common conditions that affect the foot and ankle, podiatrists Jonathan D. Rose and Vincent J. Martorana outline the professional and self-care treatment options available. What works for one person’s foot pain does not necessarily work for someone else’s, so Doctors Rose and Martorana discuss proper foot care practices in a way that helps readers make good decisions about which treatment option will work best for them.

Often called a marvel of biomedical engineering, the human foot is a complex and astonishingly versatile part of our anatomy. This book addresses the entire foot, inside and out, describing in plain English its special design characteristics and biomechanical operations. Everything is covered—from corns and calluses to cancer and skin and nail problems, including special sections on children’s feet, sports injuries, footwear, and orthotics.

The Foot Book is an all-inclusive resource for everyone suffering from foot and ankle disorders, as well as physicians and other medical personnel who care for them.

Jonathan D. Rose, D.P.M., is in private practice at Podiatry Associates in Baltimore, Maryland, and also practices at the Integrated Wound Healing Center at Franklin Square Hospital Center. Vincent J. Martorana, D.P.M., also of Podiatry Associates, is a podiatric consultant for Johns Hopkins Healthcare, LLC, and section chief of podiatric surgery at Franklin Square Hospital Center.

"It’s said that when your feet hurt you hurt all over, and this is so true. As an athlete and competitive figure skater since the age of six, I have suffered my fair share of foot ailments. Over the years I have had broken toes, metatarsal stress fractures, ankle sprains, plantarfasciitis, stubbed toes, and countless blisters. My poor feet had one great advantage: my father happens to be a foot doctor! He guided my feet through each injury with the advice I needed to heal. The next best thing to having your personal foot doctor as a dad is to own The Foot Book, by Drs. Rose and Martorana. This comprehensive book will provide you with the important information that you need to stay foot healthy. I recommend The Foot Book for anyone who wants to keep their feet happy."

"The authors do describe their goal in the preface as providing information to those in need of podiatric care; the book can serve as a good guide to readers in that group, as it contains general basic information on a wide range of disorders."

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