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Forging China's Military Might

, 304 pages

15 b&w illus.

January 2014



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Forging China's Military Might

A New Framework for Assessing Innovation

Among the most important issues in international security today are the nature and the global implications of China’s emergence as a world-class defense technology power. Since the beginning of the twenty-first century, the Chinese defense industry has reinvented itself by emphasizing technological innovation and technology. This reinvention and its potential effects, both positive and negative, are attracting global scrutiny. Drawing insights from a range of disciplines, including history, social science, business, and strategic studies, Tai Ming Cheung and the contributors to Forging China's Military Might develop an analytical framework to evaluate the nature, dimensions, and spectrum of Chinese innovation in the military and broader defense spheres.

Forging China's Military Might provides an overview of the current state of the Chinese defense industry and then focuses on subjects critical to understanding short- and long-term developments, including the relationship among defense contractors, regulators, and end-users; civil-military integration; China’s defense innovation system; and China’s place in the global defense economy. Case studies look in detail at the Chinese space and missile industry.

Tai Ming Cheung is director of the Institute on Global Conflict and Cooperation at the University of California, San Diego, and the leader of its project on the study of innovation and technology in China. He is author of Fortifying China: The Struggle to Build a Modern Defense Economy.

" Forging China's Military Might constitutes high-quality, cutting-edge research on China's defense industries. It should enjoy broad appeal—among academics, policy makers, security analysts, and business people in countries around the world."

" Forging China's Military Might belongs in any political science shelf interested in China's issues and international security and considers the nature of China's emergence as a world power."

"This detailed, well structured and researched overview [is] the most comprehensive and even-handed of anything currently available."

"Key for China analysts and those who focus specifically on China's defense industry will be to identify well in advance those early warning indicators that will allow us to determine the extent to which real change in the industry is occurring, and how to determine how much of an impact it is having on China's ability to close the defense technology gap. This book helps to advance that conversation by providing a number of ways to look at [China's] defense industry in comparative perspective, which will be of value to anyone seeking to answer these questions for some time to come."

"The contributors have done incredible research on such a comprehensive subject in a single volume. Their multi-lingual capabilities and multiple-perspective approach have distinguished this book from most previous works."

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