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Game On!

Game On
, 216 pages

16 halftones, 6 line drawings

November 2017



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Game On!

Gamification, Gameful Design, and the Rise of the Gamer Educator

The changing student body in American higher education demands a new approach to teaching, one that moves toward inclusive, hyperpersonalized learning environments that have much in common with games and social media. Kevin Bell’s Game On! presents dynamic case studies of gamer educators and game-derived techniques to help instructors creatively formulate their own teaching strategies.

Breaking gamefully designed classes into their component parts, Bell analyzes what these classes are actually doing and explains why they work. He offers faculty a rubric to assess their own courses for their propensity to engage students, particularly those from low socioeconomic and high-risk populations. Bell explores how game design, pedagogy, and intrinsic motivators can level the playing field to produce rigorous learning environments that are as addictive to all participants as the latest apps and social media systems. He also discusses best practices, lays out the broader context of computer-mediated teaching and learning, and considers the challenges and opportunities that gamification presents.

Instructors would do well to consider the key tenets of successful games if they are to engage and graduate the coming generations of learners. Bell’s careful analysis of the theories behind gamification, cognitive science, and instructional design will help them to do just that.

Kevin Bell is the pro-vice chancellor of digital futures at Western Sydney University in Australia.

"An interesting and well-informed book grounded in academic practice, Game On! will make a substantial contribution to today's discussion of education, technology, and gaming. The case studies at the heart of Bell's book offer a rich example of how to conceive of gamification, how to implement it, and how to revise, support, and asses this pedagogical approach."

"Game On! speaks to our need to engage and inspire learners using technologies and emergent theories of teaching and learning. Digital natives are arriving on our campus now and they will engage and learn in ways far different than their predecessors. The book further points to ways we can better engage and support our at-risk students and should encourage rich discussion on every campus. As Bell notes, fear of failure is an unproductive sentiment."

"In Game On!, Kevin Bell leads us on a personal quest to uncover key relationships between engagement and gamification. His enlightened search for a more engaging educational future leads him to a series of people, projects, and gaming participants who offer insights and advice toward a better understanding of gaming principles that can address the pressing learning needs and problems of today as well as the coming decade."

"In analyzing and qualifying what makes great games engaging, Bell has shown how instructors can assimilate some of these elements into their instruction. The case studies show how creative teachers can motivate and engage students and provide exciting ideas for further experimentation. Game On!, indeed."

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