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Globalization and America's Trade Agreements

, 304 pages
October 2013


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Globalization and America's Trade Agreements

Table of Contents

Globalization and America's Trade Agreements reviews the theoretical framework as well as provides a historic context of impact of the United States’ complex trade agreements of the past 25 years. William Krist analyzes the issues in the recent rounds of GATT/WTO negotiations and in numerous U.S. free trade agreements and discusses how economists have approached trade policy and how historical experience has affected economic theory. He assesses the effect of trade deals on the U.S. economy, the role of foreign policy in trade negotiations, how trade can affect the economies of developing countries, and how environmental and labor concerns affect trade agreements.

Trade has been an essential driver of global growth. Krist shows how trade policy has contributed to that growth and outlines what must be done to ensure it can continue to promote our national objectives. This book will serve as a valuable guide for those unfamiliar with trade policy and provides a challenging critique of trade policy for those already knowledgeable in the field.

William Krist is a senior policy scholar at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars. During his career he was an Assistant U.S. Trade Representative, a legislative assistant for both a congressman and a senator, and an advocate for the high-tech industry.

"Krist has obviously put together a scholarly work displaying a very broad understanding of the ‘whys and wherefores’ of U.S. trade agreement history."

"I would rate this work as very important and needed. The reader is given a very good understanding of post–World War II policies and the global context in which they have functioned."

"Krist, a former U.S. trade negotiator, provides a useful primer on current world trade rules, structures, and negotiations, from an American perspective."

"The writing, level of discourse, and material are very accessible for an educated audience."

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