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The Guide to Living with HIV Infection

, 408 pages
September 2006



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The Guide to Living with HIV Infection

Developed at the Johns Hopkins AIDS Clinic

sixth edition

The Guide to Living with HIV Infection is the most complete source of medical, emotional, social, and practical advice available for those infected with HIV and their loved ones. Developed at the Johns Hopkins AIDS Clinic, the guide provides essential information for making decisions about treatment and testing in a world transformed by new research and pharmacotherapy.

In this thoroughly updated sixth edition, Dr. John Bartlett and Ann K. Finkbeiner address the latest information about risks of transmission, viral mutations that confer drug resistance, and new, rapid, HIV testing. They offer guidelines for Highly Active Antiretroviral Therapy (HAART), a therapy protocol that has dramatically increased life expectancy for HIV-positive people. They describe how to follow HAART and when to change drug regimens, the symptoms of and treatments for HAART side effects, and the costs of and insurance coverage for HAART. They also outline the possibilities for a diagnosis of "no detectable virus."

Accompanied by updated references and resources, the sixth edition of The Guide to Living with HIV Infection offers new hope for people living with a virus that once left no hope at all.

John G. Bartlett, M.D., is a professor of medicine and director of the AIDS Care Program, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine. Ann K. Finkbeiner is a science writer who teaches in the Johns Hopkins University Writing Seminars.

"An excellent resource for a motivated patient... Written and compiled by people who have genuinely and carefully listened to their patients... An admirable achievement."

"Thoughtful and clearly written... [This] is a wonderful addition to the literature on HIV infection and will fill a very special need for many patients, their families and friends, and their providers. I recommend it highly."

"An excellent source of information for patients."

"The best book I know of for people with HIV infection."

"An excellent resource for people with HIV infection, as well as those who live with or love them."