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The Handbook of Jungian Play Therapy with Children and Adolescents

, 208 pages

3 halftones, 6 line drawings

September 2014



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The Handbook of Jungian Play Therapy with Children and Adolescents

Child and family psychotherapist Eric J. Green draws on years of clinical experience to explain his original model of Jungian play therapy. The empathic techniques he illuminates in The Handbook of Jungian Play Therapy with Children and Adolescents can effectively treat children who are traumatized by abuse, natural disasters, and other losses, as well as children who have attention deficit and autism spectrum disorders.

The overarching goal of Green’s Jungian play therapy model is to help children and adolescents become psychologically whole individuals. Toward that end, therapists encourage children to engage in sandplay, spontaneous drawing, and other expressive arts. Green demonstrates how therapists can create an atmosphere of warmth and psychological safety by observing the child’s play without judgment and, through the therapeutic relationship, help children learn to regulate their impulses and regain emotional equilibrium.

Designed for master’s level and doctoral students, as well as school counselors, play therapists, and private practitioners, the book covers the theoretical underpinnings of "depth psychology" while highlighting easy-to-understand case studies from Green’s own practice to illustrate Jungian play therapy applications at work.

Eric J. Green, PhD, LPC-S, RPT-S, LMFT, is an associate professor of counseling at the University of North Texas–Dallas and a faculty associate at the Johns Hopkins School of Education. He is the coeditor of Integrating Expressive Arts and Play Therapy with Children and Adolescents and the creator of the DVD Jungian Play Therapy and Sandplay with Children: Myth, Mandala, and Meaning. He maintains a part-time, private practice counseling children and families in Dallas, Texas.

"The field of Play Therapy is indebted to Dr. Green because, for the first time, we have a book that explicates Jungian Play Therapy with children and adolescents. This clear and comprehensive Handbook is a must read for all who are interested in the Jungian Analytical Approach. Highly recommended!"

"Aimed at mental health professionals seeking to incorporate principles and techniques of Jungian thought, this accessible handbook combines convincing clinical examples of children’s responses in Jungian play therapy with historical and theoretical exposition."

"A most thoughtful book of child psychotherapy applying Jungian concepts, including sandplay. Dr. Green helps therapists understand children's interior life through symbols. His method and emphasis on relationship, counter to the modern-day technological 'fix it' mentality, leads to soulful healing: basic human connection and recognition of the sacred in our lives."

"I dearly treasure such a rare and refreshing book written by a depth therapist who values the child as a whole person, not simply a cluster of symptoms to eliminate. The Jungian approach as masterfully explained by Green is compelling in its profound respect for the dignity of a child, and it's reverence for the healing resources within a person that can activated through  a sensitive, empathic healer interacting with a child."

"Practitioners wanting to learn more about JPT and the utilisation of the expressive arts will find this book informative, engaging and practical. The author communicates a rich repertoire of knowledge in the field of JPT and this is translated through the use of experiential applications which navigate the reader in a narrative style or writing."

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