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Health Care in World Cities

, 200 pages

2 line drawings, 1 map

December 2010



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Health Care in World Cities

New York, Paris, and London

New York. London. Paris. Although these cities have similar sociodemographic characteristics, including income inequalities and ethnic diversity, they have vastly different health systems and services. This book compares the three and considers lessons that can be applied to current and future debates about urban health care.

Highlighting the importance of a national policy for city health systems, the authors use well-established indicators and comparable data sources to shed light on urban health policy and practice. Their detailed comparison of the three city health systems and the national policy regimes in which they function provides information about access to health care in the developed world’s largest cities.

The authors first review the current literature on comparative analysis of health systems and offer a brief overview of the public health infrastructure in each city. Later chapters illustrate how timely and appropriate disease prevention, primary care, and specialty health care services can help cities control such problems as premature mortality and heart disease.

In providing empirical comparisons of access to care in these three health systems, the authors refute inaccurate claims about health care outside of the United States.

Michael K. Gusmano, Ph.D., is a research scholar at The Hastings Center. Victor G. Rodwin, Ph.D., M.P.H., is a professor of health policy and management at New York University. Daniel Weisz, M.D., M.P.A., is a research associate at the World Cities Project, International Longevity Center, of which Drs. Gusmano and Rodwin are codirectors.

"A very helpful volume for those concerned with health care policy and health care delivery systems."

"In Health Care in World Cities, Michael Gusmano, Victor Rodwin, and Daniel Weisz have boldly undertaken an innovative level of comparative health systems analysis in this well—written, creative and rigorous book."