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The Hidden-Hand Presidency

, 312 pages
May 1994



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The Hidden-Hand Presidency

Eisenhower as Leader

Drawing on extensive interviews and archival research, Fred Greenstein reveals that there was great political activity beneath the placid surface of the Eisenhower White House. In a new foreword to this edition, he discusses developments in the study of the Eisenhower presidency in the dozen years since publication of the first edition and examines the continuing significance of Eisenhower's legacy for the larger understanding of presidential leadership in modern America.

"Some books, like some scientific theories, have the capacity to alter people's whole way of looking at the world. Such a book is The Hidden-Hand Presidency. To read it is to discover, among other things, that everything you ever believed about Dwight Eisenhower as president of the United States is wrong."

"A fascinating exposition of Eisenhower's leadership techniques."

"An important corrective to standard treatments of Ike as president."

"A deliberately circumscribed book, but the sharp focus serves its intellectual intensity."

"By his painstaking analysis, Greenstein should convince even the most unrelenting critic of Eisenhower's that the man had greater skills as Chief Executive than have been recognized."