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Humanistic Design of Assisted Living

, 136 pages

55 halftones

April 2005



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Humanistic Design of Assisted Living

Assisted living, a relatively new industry, provides an alternative to traditional long-term care. These residences serve the increasing numbers of elders who need help with daily activities but wish to maintain independence. Although they are promoted as resident centered and noninstitutional, research based on consumer input indicates that many older adults and their family members do not find the buildings to be particularly friendly, warm, or supportive In Humanistic Design of Assisted Living, John P. Marsden has translated research-based information into innovative and practicable design strategies that directly address those unfavorable perceptions. Marsden provides an overview of assisted living's evolution then addresses the current information resources available to designers. He discusses successful humanistic design and presents a conceptual framework, based on consumer-based research, composed of six themes: familiar housing cues, protective enclosure, caring cues, human scale, usability, and naturalness. He applied this framework to specific guidelines for building exteriors, interior entries, and common shared spaces. His recommendations are supported by photographs that demonstrate effective design strategies as well as some less-successful examples.

This comprehensive and accessible book presents essential design guidelines for housing owners, operators, administrators, policy makers, gerontologists, interior designers, and architects.

John P. Marsden is an associate professor and director of the interior architecture program at Chatham College. He contributed a chapter in Aging, Autonomy, and Architecture, available from Johns Hopkins.

"Marsden has provided professionals with an excellent guidebook for the design of assisted living housing by offering design guidelines grounded in input from consumers and research-based information for creating humane assisted living arrangements. A significant contribution to architects, planners, interior designers, landscape architects, and housing providers, as well as gerontologists, and nursing home and assisted living administrators."

"Marsden's HD guidelines will be useful to both owners and designers as an authoritative reference."

"Should be of widespread interest to architects and care-home managers."

"Should design professionals have John Marsden's book in their bookcase? Yes... The book provides a good overview of the industry at present and a good review of design resources for assisted living."

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