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Jeff May’s Healthy Home Tips

, 200 pages

11 halftones, 13 line drawings

May 2008



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Jeff May’s Healthy Home Tips

A Workbook for Detecting, Diagnosing, and Eliminating Pesky Pests, Stinky Stenches, Musty Mold, and Other Aggravating Home Problems

Designed for people concerned about the air quality in their home, this step-by-step guide covers the nooks and crannies of indoor air pollution—from what to look for to how to fix it. Jeffrey May and his wife, Connie May, draw from their professional expertise and previous books— My House Is Killing Me!, My Office Is Killing Me!, and The Mold Survival Guide—to create a friendly, easy-to-use workbook complete with mini-case studies, diagnostic exercises, illustrations, and recommendations.

The Mays describe the health problems that can be caused or exacerbated by such airborne contaminants as fungi, mold, mildew, moisture, and odor. Their warmth, humor, and conversational banter are welcome antidotes to the scare tactics of unsavory remediators; Jeff and Connie give people the knowledge they need to address serious problems without getting ripped off.

Readers can check visual symptoms of their home's problems using the book's illustrations and photographs; get easy-to-follow instructions in diagnosing, addressing, and monitoring problems; find out whether professional help is needed; get advice on choosing the right professional; and consult thorough resource sections for further information and assistance.

From waterproofing basements to checking home heating and cooling systems for leaks and contaminants, Jeff May’s Healthy Home Tips helps renters and homeowners alike make sure that their homes are clean and healthy places to live.

Jeffrey C. May is a certified indoor air quality professional (CIAQP) who has investigated moisture, mold, odor, indoor air quality, and paint failure problems in thousand of buildings across the United States. He is the principal scientist at May Indoor Air Investigations LLC and the author of My House Is Killing Me!, My Office Is Killing Me!, and The Mold Survival Guide, all published by Johns Hopkins. His wife, Connie L. May, was an English teacher and school administrator before joining May Indoor Air Investigations LLC. She is a coauthor of the textbook series From Thought to Action, and she coauthored The Mold Survival Guide.

"If your nose gets congested, you develop a sinus headache, or your asthma often gets worse after an hour or two at home or at work, buy one of Jeff's books to find the cause and a way to fix it (and he didn't pay me to say this)."

"Accessible language, step-by-step instructions, and clear, identifying diagrams and photos."

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