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Marine Mammal Research

, 240 pages

31 halftones, 8 line drawings

October 2005



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Marine Mammal Research

Conservation beyond Crisis

Marine mammal conservation presents a number of challenges for scientists and other stakeholders, especially using natural resources in ways that avoid crisis management. Scientists play the special role of providing vital information to decision makers to help them understand long-term consequences of their actions and avoid crises before they develop. The contributors to this visionary work look beyond the current crises to present a compelling argument about how science, if conducted properly, can provide insights that minimize crisis management and implement more anticipatory action.

Despite the significant reduction of marine mammal harvesting, stocks of some species remain greatly reduced or are in decline. This volume provides an overview of the current state of marine mammal populations and identifies the major obstacles facing marine mammal conservation, including fisheries, sonar and other noise pollution, disease, contaminants, algal booms, and habitat loss. The contributors chart a scientifically-supported plan to direct marine management toward a well-defined recovery protocol.

This comprehensive resource will be indispensable for marine mammal biologists, oceanographers, conservation program managers, government regulators, policy makers, and anyone who is concerned about the future of these captivating species.

John E. Reynolds III is chairman of the Marine Mammal Commission and the senior scientist at Mote Marine Laboratory. William F. Perrin is a senior scientist with the U.S. National Marine Fisheries Service, adjunct professor at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, and editor emeritus of Marine Mammal Science. Randall R. Reeves is one of the Okapi Wildlife Associates, the author of several books, and chair of the IUCN Cetacean Specialists Group. Suzanne Montgomery is a staff scientist, and Timothy J. Ragen is director of research, at the Marine Mammal Commission.

"This book deserves prominent placement on the shelf of anyone who cares about the future of marine mammals. It covers all the major conservation issues of our day and defines a research agenda that should be embraced wherever marine mammals occur. A worthy successor to Twiss and Reeves, we now have Marine Mammal Research as our touchstone for the challenges that face us."

"Should appeal to a wide variety of libraries and readers... interested in marine biology and conservation of those captivating animals."

"A thoughtfully written and edited compendium... it deserves to be on the shelf of every serious marine mammalogist researcher, and should become well-thumbed."

"The book superbly covers some of the most important conservation issues of marine mammals."

"An essential book for marine mammal researchers, oceanographers, regulators, and anyone called to help in the effort to save marine mammals from extinction."

"A very valuable compendium of state-of-the-art scientific knowledge... A must in the bibliographic luggage of anyone concerned with marine mammal conservation, regardless of nationality or region of concern."

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