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Mental Health Issues and the University Student

, 264 pages

4 line drawings

February 2014



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Mental Health Issues and the University Student

Young adults enter college with many challenges—complicated family dynamics, identity issues, and extreme pressure to succeed, among others. Students may also have mental health difficulties, ranging from adjustment disorders to mood disorders, and growing numbers of them are seeking help on campus.

But these students are also resilient and eager to learn, stepping onto campus with hope for a new and better phase of life. Doris Iarovici, a psychiatrist at Duke University Counseling and Psychological Services, sees in college and university mental health services an opportunity for mental health professionals to bring about positive change with young people during a crucial period of their development.

Dr. Iarovici describes the current college mental health crisis and narrates how college mental health services have evolved along with changes in student populations. She discusses students’ lifestyle problems and psychiatric concerns, using case vignettes to explore a variety of interventions. Included are discussions of substance abuse, relationship difficulties, eating disorders, depression and anxiety, and culture clashes. Problems uniquely addressed in this book include sleep disturbances and perfectionism. An essential component of the volume is a guide to making emergency assessments, from risk classification and hospitalization to public safety and communication within and outside the campus community.

Doris Iarovici, M.D., is a psychiatrist at Duke University Counseling and Psychological Services.

"With the publication of Mental Health Issues and the University Student, Doris Iarovici emerges as a leading voice in college psychiatry. This text is a lovely combination of current and extensive clinical wisdom. It is well organized and very readable and will be of great value to psychiatrists working in or with university students."

"This timely and exceptionally well-written book comprehensively addresses the social issues and clinical challenges faced by college mental health professionals and includes such outstanding features as clinical vignettes, guidelines, best practices, and DSM-5 nosology. This volume should be required reading for all clinicians in college mental health and is indispensable for those teaching and supervising psychiatry residents, graduate psychology, and social work students within the student mental health setting."

"Iarovici navigates a passage between the science of diagnosis and the art of treatment. In doing so, she demonstrates an appreciation for the subtle nuances that affect the treatment of individuals poised on the cusp of adulthood."

"I embarked on the reading of this book with great interest and was rewarded by the author's thoughtful analysis... a terrific texbook for psychiatric residents... very informative for university administrators in charge of program planning."

"The particular strength of this book is the careful description of how these issues and problems manifest themselves in a higher education setting and the opportunities and challenges of addressing them in this setting."

"I can picture myself in the middle of a complicated case reaching for this guide"

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