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Overcoming Destructive Anger

, 224 pages

9 line drawings

May 2016



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Overcoming Destructive Anger

Strategies That Work



Uncontrolled anger can be devastating, yet many people with serious anger issues don’t know how to change their behavior. In Overcoming Destructive Anger, psychologist Bernard Golden, an anger management specialist, offers concrete tools for turning destructive anger into healthy anger.

Dr. Golden draws on both compassion-focused therapy—a model for change that encompasses and expands on cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, and practices in compassion and self-compassion—and theories of emotional intelligence. He teaches readers to recognize, sit with, and move beyond the triggers that cause destructive anger. Anger logs and other exercises, together with stories of people who were challenged by anger and able to overcome their outbursts, allow readers to explore the source of their anger and recognize its destructive potential. Emphasizing anger’s link to habits of thinking, feeling, and physical reactions, Dr. Golden offers multiple strategies for coping with current hurts as well as past wounds. And he directs readers to helpful websites, books, and films.

Dr. Golden explains why destructive anger happens and how it can contribute to divorce, estranged families, job loss, addictions, and even imprisonment. Emphasizing the importance of making calm, constructive choices and cultivating self-empathy, this guide will free people with destructive anger—and those around them—to live more fulfilling lives.

Bernard Golden, PhD, the founder of Anger Management Education, has been a practicing psychologist for almost forty years. He is the author of Healthy Anger: How to Help Children and Teens Manage Their Anger and Unlock Your Creative Genius.

"Golden's years of research into anger management, his clinical work with clients struggling to manage their anger, and the sharing of his process of controlling his own anger connect the dots in this valuable work."

" Overcoming Destructive Anger successfully weaves together mindfulness strategies to help readers recognize and control triggers while changing the way they experience anger. An effective resource for anyone looking for information and strategies that are easy to understand and practice."

"A lifeline for those who struggle with the devastating consequences of destructive anger, this wonderful book will help people cultivate a healthy relationship with anger by cultivating a healthy relationship with themselves. It is filled with wise and compassionate insight into how to understand and work with feelings of anger."

"In this step-by-step guide, Dr. Golden offers an innovative combination of skills to transform the harsh inner environment that leads a person to unhealthy anger. This book is essential reading for anyone who wants to drop the sword and make friends with themselves and others."

"Dr. Golden explains how anger develops and is sustained, and why self-hatred lies at the core of many chronic anger problems. Combining clear descriptions with valuable exercises, Overcoming Destructive Anger focuses on helping readers develop self-compassion and use mindfulness meditation in overcoming their anger issues."

"This book is a breath of fresh air. This is a practical resource that can bee utilized by both the lay person and those who work in healthcare. It is no more prevalent for one than the other. It is written in a manner that all readers could benefit from. Golden supports his readers to acknowledge where they are in regards to experiencing destructive anger, then supports them to appraise the situation and develop realistic expectations to cope. This author has done a fantastic job of addressing a subject that is still much a taboo in many areas of today's society. Golden has sensitively and cohesively presented a framework for anger as long with clear guidance around how to utilize this effectively."

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