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Purifying the Nation

, 488 pages

30 halftones, 3 maps

December 2009



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Purifying the Nation

Population Exchange and Ethnic Cleansing in Nazi-Allied Romania

Purifying the Nation is a provocative exploration of the Holocaust in World War II Romania. Vladimir Solonari argues that the persecution of Jews and Roma by the Romanian government was not a response to pressure from the country’s ally, Nazi Germany, but rather stemmed from the vision of an ethnically pure Romania. Through a rigorous, archive-based analysis of the country’s interwar political and intellectual climate and policies and practices during its alliance with the Nazis, Solonari sheds valuable new light on the genocidal activities of one of Hitler’s European satellites.

Vladimir Solonari is an associate professor of history at the University of Central Florida. He was a public policy scholar at the Woodrow Wilson Center in 2001.

"An important contribution to the literature of the Holocaust in Romania... Highly Recommended."

"Situates Romania's Holocaust within the larger framework of Ion Antonescu's vision of an ethnically homogenous Greater Romania."

" Purifying the Nation makes a major contribution to the literature on ethnic cleansing during World War II."

"A very major addition to the scholarship on the subject."

"This well-researched and scrupulous account is not only a significant contribution to Holocaust history, but also to the broader understanding of extremist nationalism and of the Antonescu regime."

"A valuable contribution to research on nationalism, violence, and statehood in interwar and wartime Southeastern Europe."

"This is a major study that will influence how all of us think about the Holocaust in Eastern Europe."

"Solonari's monograph is a book that any scholar would be proud to have written, and I expect it to have a serious impact both in Holocaust studies and in the history of modern East Central Europe."

" Purifying the Nation is an exceptionally significant contribution to one of the least explored and most tragic chapters of the 20th century."

"This book is genuinely monumental... the most historically sensitive and conceptually savvy account of the Holocaust in Romania yet to be produced."

"Solonari's work is exciting to read and his thesis is vigorously argued. The material is well organized into chapters, with a good narrative and excellent illustrations... Purifying the Nation is an energetic and keenly-expounded report on research."

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