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Secret Lives of Ants

, 184 pages

75 color illus.

February 2012



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Secret Lives of Ants

Table of Contents and Foreword

In the great naturalist tradition of E. O. Wilson, Jae Choe takes readers into a miniature world dominated by six-legged organisms. This is the world of the ant, an insect that humans, as well as most other life forms, depend upon for their very survival.

Easily one of the most important animals on earth, ants seem to mirror the actions, emotions, and industries of the human population, often more effectively than humans do themselves. They developed ranching and farming long before humans, and their division of labor resembles the assembly lines of automobile factories and multinational enterprises. Self-sacrifice and a finely tuned chemical language are the foundations of their monarchical society, which is capable of waging large-scale warfare and taking slaves. Tales of their massacres and atrocities, as well as struggles for power, are all too reminiscent of our own. The reality of ant society is more fascinating than even the most creative minds could imagine. Choe combines expert scientific knowledge with a real passion for these miniscule marvels. His vivid descriptions are paired with captivating illustrations and photographs to introduce readers to the economics, culture, and intrigue of the ant world. All of nature is revealed through the secret lives of the amazing ants. In the words of the author, "Once you get to know them, you’ll love them."

Jae Choe is a university chair professor at Ewha Womans University, where he is also director of the Natural History Museum and the Research Institute of EcoScience. An award-winning author, his books include The Evolution of Social Behavior in Insects and Arachnids and The Evolution of Mating Systems in Insects and Arachnids.

"It is his passion for the natural world that Jae brings to the study of ant biology. I congratulate my friend on writing a truly fascinating book."

" Secret Lives of Ants is one of the best (and most readable) books ever written on these important insects. The author, who is intimately familiar with the scientific facts, provides a charming and personalized story that will appeal to a broad readership in every country."

"A good general introduction to the biology of ants."

"Choe's goal is to expose the fascinating miniature world of ants to curious minds... Highly recommended."

"Enter the miniature world of ants and learn about their societies, from massacres and power plays to self-sacrifice and factory-like enterprises."

"An enjoyable popular read from an author who combines expert scientific knowledge of ants with a real passion for these miniscule marvels. The text is amply illustrated with complementary and captivating illustrations and original photographs. It will be a welcome addition to the bookcase of naturalists of any age."

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