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Seductive Delusions

, 320 pages
February 2016



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Seductive Delusions

How Everyday People Catch STIs

second edition


A 2009 Book of the Year, USA Book News

"It can’t happen to me." Many high school students and young adults, seduced by their sense of invincibility, are stunned when they are diagnosed with a sexually transmitted infection (STI). But the fact is that anyone can catch an STI: no age group, social class, economic class, culture, religion, gender, or ethnic group is immune.

To drive home the risks and realities of unprotected sex, Dr. Jill Grimes shares real-life stories of young people—medical students, college freshmen, teenagers, young parents, talented entrepreneurs—who have gotten an STI. Dr. Grimes narrates the story of Liz, who got syphilis; Sofia, diagnosed with gonorrhea and chlamydia; and Zoe, with pubic lice. She describes how Justin got herpes, Sean got trichomoniasis, and Luke contracted hepatitis C. The accounts of these young men and women and their exam-room conversations with their doctors evoke both the physical symptoms and complicated emotional reactions that often go together with infection. Fact sheets throughout the book explain each sexually transmitted infection and answer frequently asked questions about symptoms, treatment, and prevention.

Used in high schools for the past five years, this new edition of Seductive Delusions shows how technological advances have speeded doctor-patient communication, including test results and treatment recommendations. It explains simplified STI testing, explores the frighteningly high incidence of date sexual assault, examines dramatic changes in cervical cancer prevention and Pap tests, and clarifies why HPV vaccines are now routinely recommended for all children—boys and girls.

Whether reading the book from cover to cover or jumping directly to a specific disease, readers will relate to the dramatic stories while learning medically reliable information. Making emotionally and physically safe decisions about sex is easier when you know how STIs are spread, how to avoid getting one, what their symptoms are, and how they are diagnosed and treated.

Jill Grimes, MD, practices medicine within the Urgent Care Department of the University of Texas at Austin’s University Health Services. She is the editor of Sexually Transmitted Disease: An Encyclopedia of Diseases, Prevention, Treatment, and Issues.

"Don't be surprised if you find yourself thinking, ‘That sounds like me!’ Dr. Grimes gives us the much needed reality check and the necessary information to prevent us from becoming a character in Seductive Delusions."

"One of my students asked, ‘Is it weird if some of the people in my group are reading this book like it is The Hunger Games?’ I thought that was a compliment to Dr. Grimes and Seductive Delusions!"

"Grimes debunks the 'seductive delusion' that people cannot catch STDs if they choose the 'right' partner in a readable and well-organized book."

"While probably not recreational reading, the book is a good gift for the teen in your life that just might be contemplating getting into a relationship (sexual or not)."

"Read the book from cover to cover... knowledge is power."

"I would highly recommend this book to all sexually active young people. It is eye-opening and disturbing in the right sort of way."

"[Grimes] enthralls us with gripping tales of real people facing illness and tragedy. And the kick comes with how she wisely brings the reader to be motivated to avoid the infectious danger that is truly out there. (I'm getting copies for my kids.)... SHOULD be a required textbook for all High School health classes."

"Anyone who is sexually active is at risk of contracting an STD. By sharing these very real experiences of people you and I meet every day, Dr. Grimes shows how everyday people can contract one of these preventable diseases. Everyone, including physicians, can learn from the stories in this book."

"From Luke to Liz, from Meredith to Mitch, the people in this book could be anyone you know—including you. Because you like them and identify with them, you begin to believe, for real, that you, too, might get an STD and suffer the consequences. Every young person who is having sex or thinking about having sex should read this book."

"What do teenagers, soccer moms, CEOs, and medical students have in common? Each is at risk of contracting an STD. Seductive Delusions illustrates the stories behind sexually transmitted disease statistics, giving faces and emotions to these contagious infections. Don't be surprised if you find yourself thinking, 'That sounds like me!' Dr. Grimes gives us the much needed reality check and the necessary information to prevent us from becoming a character in Seductive Delusions."

"Dr. Jill Grimes has found an innovative way to connect with young people. By telling the stories of everyday people, she speaks to a sizeable population who assumes that because they don’t fall into a traditionally defined 'risk' group, they are not at risk for STDs."

"[My] students reported that the stories of people like them made sexually transmitted diseases seem more real and the stories stuck with them much better than hearing just facts and stats"

"Highly recommended."

"This is [a book] we whole-heartedly recommend for adolescents, their parents and teachers."

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