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The States and Public Higher Education Policy

, 288 pages

27 line drawings

October 2013



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The States and Public Higher Education Policy

Affordability, Access, and Accountability

second edition

Affordability, access, and accountability have long been among the central challenges facing higher education—and they remain so today. Here, Donald E. Heller and other higher education scholars and practitioners explore the current debates surrounding these key issues.

As students and their families struggle to meet rising tuition prices, and as state funding for higher education dwindles, policymakers confront issues of affordability within state and institutional budgets. Changing demographics and challenges to affirmative action complicate the admissions process even as colleges and universities seek to diversify enrollments. And issues of institutional accountability have forced the restructuring of higher education governing boards and a reexamination of the role of public trustees in governance.

This collection analyzes how issues of affordability, access, and accountability influence the way in which state governments approach, monitor, and set public higher education policy. The contributors examine the latest research on pressing challenges, explore how states are coping with these challenges, and consider what the future holds for public postsecondary education in the United States.

Donald E. Heller is Dean and Professor of Education in the College of Education at Michigan State University.

"Affordability, access, and accountability will continue to be hot-button issues as legislators at all levels address constituents' concerns about their children's future... Any administrator who wants to gain a deeper understanding of these issues... might do well to spend some time with these essays."

"There may be no better survey of state policy in higher education than what Heller provided in his 2001 edited volume... It will come as no surprise to the higher education community that the second edition of The States and Public Higher Education Policy provides all the same benefits while situating the conversation in a more contemporary context. Faculty and students of higher education policy will be particularly appreciative because this volume will serve as the foundation for many higher education policy courses."

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