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STEM the Tide

, 264 pages

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September 2011



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STEM the Tide

Reforming Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math Education in America

One study after another shows American students ranking behind their international counterparts in the STEM fields—science, technology, engineering, and math. Businesspeople such as Bill Gates warn that this alarming situation puts the United States at a serious disadvantage in the high-tech global marketplace of the twenty-first century, and President Obama places improvement in these areas at the center of his educational reform. What can be done to reverse this poor performance and to unleash America’s wasted talent?

David E. Drew has good news—and the tools America needs to keep competitive. Drawing on both academic literature and his own rich experience, Drew identifies proven strategies for reforming America’s schools, colleges, and universities, and his comprehensive review of STEM education in the United States offers a positive blueprint for the future. These research-based strategies include creative and successful methods for building strong programs in science and mathematics education and show how the achievement gap between majority and minority students can be closed. A crucial measure, he argues, is recruiting, educating, supporting, and respecting America’s teachers.

To secure a competitive advantage both in the knowledge economy and in economic development more broadly, America needs a highly skilled, college-educated workforce and cutting-edge university research. Drew makes the case that reforming science, technology, engineering, and mathematics education to meet these demands, with an emphasis on reaching historically underserved students, is essential to the long-term prosperity of the United States.

Accessible, engaging, and hard hitting, STEM the Tide is a clarion call to policymakers, administrators, educators, and everyone else concerned about students’ participation in the STEM fields and America’s competitive global position.

David E. Drew is the Platt Professor of Education, Management, and Mathematics at the Claremont (CA) Graduate University and author of Aptitude Revisited: Rethinking Math and Science Education for America's Next Century, also published by Johns Hopkins.

"The well-researched arguments are enthusiastically presented, and the book heralds another call for the renovation and enhancement of a vital part of the curriculum. Highly recommended."

"Drew's STEM the Tide provides a valuable analysis of current science and math education policy issues and provides useful solutions to implement reform in these areas."

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