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Systematic Psychiatric Evaluation

, 264 pages

3 b&w illus.

August 2012



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Systematic Psychiatric Evaluation

A Step-by-Step Guide to Applying The Perspectives of Psychiatry


The Perspectives approach to psychiatry focuses on four aspects of psychiatric practice and research: disease, dimensional, behavior, and lifestory. In Systematic Psychiatric Evaluation, Drs. Margaret S. Chisolm and Constantine G. Lyketsos underscore the benefits of this approach, showing how it improves clinicians' abilities to evaluate, diagnose, and treat patients.

Drs. Chisolm and Lyketsos use increasingly complex case histories to help the mental health provider evaluate patients demonstrating symptoms of bipolar disorder, psychosis, suicidal ideation, depression, eating disorders, and cutting, among other conditions. The book also includes an exercise that simulates the Perspectives approach side by side with traditional methods, revealing the advantages of a method that engages not one but four points of view.

Featuring a foreword by Drs. Paul R. McHugh and Phillip R. Slavney, the originators of the Perspectives approach, this innovative book will be used in psychiatric training programs as well as by practicing mental health clinicians.

Margaret S. Chisolm, M.D., is assistant professor and director of education in the Johns Hopkins Bayview Department of Psychiatry and director of psychiatry and co-medical director for the Johns Hopkins Center for Addiction and Pregnancy. Constantine G. Lyketsos, M.D., M.H.S., is Elizabeth Althouse Professor and director of psychiatry at the Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center and vice-chairman of the department of psychiatry at Johns Hopkins Medicine, where he is also co-director of the division of geriatric psychiatry and neuropsychiatry and director of the Memory and Alzheimer’s Treatment Center.

"The best go-to book I have seen for teaching thoughtful evaluation."

"If you are a mental health clinician—or a consumer—and you want to understand psychiatric disorders—buy this book."

"A well-presented, compact summation of McHugh and Slavney's four perspectives. Faithful and concise, the descriptions are intended to formulate practical, diagram-based steps in the conceptualization of each perspective.... From bereavement to cognitive decline, from bipolarity to eating disorders, from personality... to hypochondriasis, from suicidal behavior to psychosis, the cases attempt to combine theoretical cogency with clinical clarity"

"Innovative in its orientation, this book not only should be used in psychiatric training programs but also would enrich the approach of many practising mental health professionals."

"It comes highly recommended as both an educational tool and an argument against the instrumentalization and reductionism prevalent in some approaches to clinical psychiatric practice."

"It would be good if the practical book by Chisolm and Lyketsos is used in education and if the residents (and their teachers) are so enthusiastic about it that they also read the book by McHugh and Slavney themselves."

"I believe that this book will be a useful companion to psychiatric residents and other mental health practitioners who struggle to better understand, diagnose, and treat patients with complex psychiatric and medical conditions."

"This book could be a major addition to revitalizing the absolute necessity of a thorough psychiatric evaluation leading to comprehensive treatment in a field that is rapidly deteriorating to ‘read the DSM and prescribe medication.’ Psychiatry needs to be saved from itself and this book may be a major agent in that effort."

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