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Press Kit for Life in the Dark

Life in the Dark

Illuminating Biodiversity in the Shadowy Haunts of Planet Earth

by Danté Fenolio

April 2016 

life in the dark cover

"That infernal Danté has done it again . . . Knowing that you cannot care about things you've never seen, he uses his talents to present compelling images of animals that elude us because they do not live in the daylight as we do. And through this awareness, he hopes that you begin to care, and that through this caring you will act to conserve. It is a powerful arguement, one that I hope you will heed." —Michael J. Lannoo, editor of Amphibian Declines: The Conservation Status of United States Species

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For access to interior images, contact Kathryn Marguy (KRM@press.jhu.edu).


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For more information, visit Danté Fenolio's website.

For a trailer on Life in the Dark, click here.


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