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Making the Most of the Anthropocene

Facing the Future


by Mark Denny


Humans have changed the Earth so profoundly that we’ve ushered in the first new geologic period since the ice ages. So, what are we going to do about it?

September 2017


“Mark Denny is a funny guy who has written a profoundly important book about humanity’s prospects in the Anthropocene age. Well-argued and lively, this book is a must read for climate change skeptics, millennials who can shape a better world, and grandparents like myself who worry about just what we have left to our grandchildren. Denny’s training as a theoretical physicist informs a world-view that ranges from geology to psychology, Darwin to Dilbert, ecology to economics, deep time to Donald Trump – and he brings us out the other end with hope for the future”

-Ben Hoffman, Ph.D, author of The Violence Vaccine


“Light in tone and often enjoyable reading, Making the Most of the Anthropocene presents good information on a variety of topics, from the sharing economy to smartphones.”

--Foreword Reviews


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Author bio

Mark Denny is a theoretical physicist who has worked in academia and industry. He is the author of numerous books, including Lights On! The Science of Power Generation and Making Sense of Weather and Climate: The Science behind the Forecasts.



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