Hopkins Fulfillment Services

Exam and Desk Copies

For JHU Press* exam and desk copies please email us at textbooks@press.jhu.edu with your:

1. Book you are requesting a copy of (name and ISBN if possible)
2. Course name and number
3. Semester
4. Enrollment
5. Books in use
6. Name and Campus mailing address (Please include mailing address, department and building/room number, city, state, and zip code)

Please note:

    Only requests with a university email address will be considered.
    All examination and desk copies are provided at our discretion.
    All requests ship USPS and can take 1-2 weeks to arrive once processed.
    Please send multiple title requests in 1 email.

    For JHUP exam and desk copy requests within Australia, please email text@footprint.com.au

    For JHUP Accessible Textbook requests for students with disabilities, please email SAM@press.jhu.edu

    * For exam and desk copies published by distribution clients of Hopkins Fulfillment Services, please email HFSCUSTSERV@press.jhu.edu