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Author's Note
1. "I Have Seen a Good Deal of the Back Side of This World": Childhood in Kentucky (1809–1816)
2. "I Used to Be a Slave": Boyhood and Adolescence in Indiana (1816–1830)
3. "Separated from His Father, He Studied English Grammar": New Salem (1831–1834)
4. "A Napoleon of Astuteness and Political Finesse": Frontier Legislator (1834–1837)
5. "We Must Fight the Devil with Fire": Slasher-Gaff Politico in Springfield (1837–1841)
6. "It Would Just Kill Me to Marry Mary Todd": Courtship and Marriage (1840–1842)
7. "I Have Got the Preacher by the Balls": Pursuing a Seat in Congress (1843–1847)
8. "A Strong but Judicious Enemy to Slavery": Congressman Lincoln (1847–1849)
9. "I Was Losing Interest in Politics and Went to the Practice of the Law with Greater Earnestness Than Ever Before": Midlife Crisis (1849–1854)
10. "Aroused as He Had Never Been Before": Reentering Politics (1854–1855)
11. "Unite with Us, and Help Us to Triumph": Building the Illinois Republican Party (1855–1857)
12. "A House Divided": Lincoln vs. Douglas (1857–1858)
13. A David Greater than the Democratic Goliath": The Lincoln-Douglas Debates (1858)
14. "That Presidential Grub Gnaws Deep": Pursuing the Republican Nomination (1859–1860)
15. "The Most Available Presidential Candidate for Unadulterated Republicans": The Chicago Convention (May 1860)
16. "I Have Been Elected Mainly on the Cry 'Honest Old Abe'": The Presidential Campaign (May–November 1860)
17. "I Will Suffer Death Before I Will Consent to Any Concession or Compromise": President-elect in Springfield (1860–1861)
18. "What If I Appoint Cameron, Whose Very Name Stinks in the Nostrils of the People for His Corruption?": Cabinet-Making in Springfield (1860–1861)

Abraham Lincoln
A Life
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