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"As a collection, Academic Capitalism in the Age of Globalization presents ways that universities have become more entrepreneurial, more interdisciplinary, more competitive, and more marketable as postsecondary institutions and labor markets have become progressively globalized."


"This timely and necessary book makes a very significant contribution to the study of the changing global context of higher education."

"In Academic Capitalism in the Age of Globalization, Cantwell and Kauppinen offer a well-organized and thorough treatment of academic capitalism. This is a superbly edited volume that furthers our understanding of globalization and the political economy of higher education. A must-read for anyone concerned about the future of higher education."

"Academic Capitalism in the Age of Globalization clarifies our understanding of the now rather cluttered intersections between universities and the political economy, using key categories such as time, academic labor and commodified knowledge, and exploring the new organizational mechanisms inside higher education. It tests the relevance of notions of academic capitalism across history and in different countries. Theoretically sophisticated and accessible, policy sharp, highly practical in its implications. An inevitable book and one that opens up further lines of inquiry."

"This book represents one of the most important scholarly interrogations of the theory of academic capitalism within the context of globalization. By drawing on different national settings, local, national, and global scales, and a vast array of topics, the book not only extends the theory of academic capitalism but enhances contemporary understandings of the social, political, and economic conditions of globalized higher education systems."

Academic Capitalism in the Age of Globalization
Publication Date: 15 Nov 2014
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 296 pages
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ISBN: 9781421415383