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Part I: Academic Capitalism Revisited
Chapter 1. Academic Capitalism in Theory and Research
Chapter 2. Retheorizing Academic Capitalism: Actors, Mechanisms, Fields, and Networks
Chapter 3. University Revolutions and Academic Capitalism: A Historical Perspective
Chapter 4. Exploring the Academic Capitalist Time Regime
Chapter 5. Learning to Litigate: University Patents in the Knowledge Economy
Chapter 6. Academic Capitalism and Practical Activity: Extending the Research Program
Chapter 7. Extending Academic Capitalism by Foregrounding Academic Labor
Part II: Academic Capitalism and Globalization
Chapter 8. The Global Enterprise of Higher Education
Chapter 9. Transnationalization of Academic Capitalism through Global Production Networks
Chapter 10. How to Explain Academic Capitalism: A Mechanism-Based Approach
Chapter 11. Peripheral Knowledge-Driven Economies: What Does Academic Capitalism Have to Say?
Chapter 12. Academic Capitalism in Greater China: Theme and Variations
Chapter 13. Risky Business: Academic Capitalism, Globalization, and the Risk University
Chapter 14. Developing a Conceptual Model to Study the International Student Market
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Academic Capitalism in the Age of Globalization
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