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Table Of Contents

Foreward, by Judith Eaton
1. Accreditation, by Susan D. Phillips and Kevin Kinser
Section I
2. Quality Assurance and Quality Improvement, by Sylvia Manning
3. Change in Higher Education Accreditation, by Leah K. Matthews
4. The Evolving Context of Quality Assurance, by Joseph Vibert
Section II
5. Fixing a Broken Accreditation System, by Anne D. Neal and Armand B. Alacbay
6. Innovation and Quality Assurance in Higher Education, by Michael B. Horn and Alana Dunagan
7. Regulatory Experimentation, Accreditation, and Innovation, by Paul LeBlanc
Section III
8. Tensions in the Triad, by Peter Ewell
9. Managing Risk to Students and Taxpayers in Federal Financial Aid, by David A. Bergeron
10. Accreditors as Policy Leaders, by Jamienne S. Studley
11. Crossing Borders, by Madeleine F. Green
Section IV
12. The Employer Quest for the Quality College Graduate Recruit, by Edwin Koc
13. Accreditation and Return on Investment, by Mark Schneider and Audrey Peek
14. Does Accreditation Protect Students Effectively?, by Barmak Nassirian and Thomas L. Harnisch
Conclusion: Accreditation, by Kevin Kinser and Susan D. Phillips

Accreditation on the Edge
Challenging Quality Assurance in Higher Education
Publication Date: 1 Jun 2018
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