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"A readable and informative volume that is not limited to one phase of geography, but which includes the physical, historical, economic, human, and political aspects of the topic."

"A well-written story of a land and people, enhanced by photographs taken over a 20-year period. The narrative is tied to a series of fascinating and uncluttered maps, which enable readers to relate place and circumstance... This regional study of the geography of North America is as comprehensive as it is excellent."

"This fact-packed, well-organized and felicitously written book goes miles beyond the mere recitation of state capitals. Drawing upon his nearly 30 years of teaching university-level geography, Hudson offers a comprehensive history of the geological, agricultural, topographical, industrial, social and political development of the United States and Canada."

"The delicious historical details are interspersed with sweeping generalizations that capture the essence of each region and sub-region... It's such good reading and such a valuable resource that Across This Land is an essential book in the personal library of any well-read American or Canadian."

"Extensive emphasis on the history and politics of each region makes it unique and outstanding. The book offers a new direction for teaching the regional geography of the United States and Canada."

"An elegantly written and concise regional geography... The result accomplishes the best intent of regional geography—to shape the character of the whole through careful description of its parts."

"This book is a genuine tour de force. Light years ahead of existing textbooks, Across This Land is a true regional geography that will benefit anyone who reads it."