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"As David Livingstone shows in this fascinating book, which carefully traces the history of speculations about Adam's ancestors, debates about human origins have always had, and continue to have, moral and political dimensions."

"Livingstone traces in detail a fascinating and sometimes troubling story... A book to ponder."

"The mark of the true scholar, the really inventive one, is that he or she shows us that there are problems and issues worth discussing that we simply did not know about or even speculate about... I really recommend David Livingstone's book. It informs and leaves you with more questions than when you started. What more could you ask of scholarship?"

"Provides both college-level and general-interest lending libraries with a fine history of non-Adamic humanity and the debates surrounding it."

"Adam's Ancestors is a model of meticulous historical scholarship. It is greatly enhanced by a geographer's sensitivity to the role of place in intellectual history."

"The amazing scope of Adam's Ancestors contributes to its appeal, and it can be highly recommended both for its sweeping synthesis and for the nature of the questions it raises in the mind of the reader."

"Richly detailed, amply illustrated work."

"Adam's Ancestors is a very well researched history of the idea that there were multiple creations prior to that recorded in Genesis. The text is extremely well referenced and is an excellent source for anyone wanting to learn about this topic."

"Engaging and important book."

"Adam's Ancestors offers a rich discussion, ranging from the sober and serious to the wonderfully bizarre, representing the best summary of pre-Adamite materials to date."

"The book is rich in detail, revels in marvelously obscure figures, and brings long forgotten characters to life. It is ideal for graduate students and professional scholars and a must for those interested in the politics of racial and ethnic identity, as well as the history of biblical exegesis."

"What I finally took away from this fascinating book is that far from being an eccentric and obscure debate, the substance of the argument over pre-adamites is still with us, and perhaps even growing in importance."

"An original and useful contribution to the history of human origins research and the history of science and religion."

"One of the great strengths of this book lies in its demonstration that the history of a concept long since accepted by many, but by no means all, remains strikingly relevant to science and society."

"Livingstone has obviously done a tremendous amount of reading in preparation of his project, and the sheer detail of the persons and positions in the centuries-long debate is impressive, nearly overwhelming."

"A great piece of scholarship and an equally great read. Particularly instructive is Livingstone's discussion of monogenism, polygenism, and the various ways these theories of human origins were used in the social and political arena. This is a substantial contribution to the history of anthropology, of evolution theory, of race and racialist thought, and of science and religion. "

"A remarkable achievement. It is a tightly organized and coherently packaged account of a set of ideas which mainstream scholarship now ignores. Controversial themes and explosive issues abound in Livingstone's work, which is important, topical, and fascinating."

Adam's Ancestors
Race, Religion, and the Politics of Human Origins
Publication Date: 15 Mar 2011
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 320 pages
Illustrations: 24 halftones, 2 line drawings
ISBN: 9781421400655