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Table Of Contents

Chapter 1. The Basis of Early Political Divisions
Chapter 2. The Basis of Early Political Divisions
Chapter 3. The Political Theories of John Adams
Chapter 4. The Economic Ideas of John Adams
Chapter 5. John Adams and the Federalist Party, 1788-1796
Chapter 6. The Election of 1796
Chapter 7. Aftermath of the Election
Chapter 8. Starting the Administration
Chapter 9. Beginning of the XYZ Session
Chapter 10. The Alien and Sedition Laws; Defense Legislation; War?
Chapter 11. The Aim of Federalist Foreign Policy
Chapter 12. The Aim o f Federalist Domestic Policy
Chapter 13. Adams Prepares to Block the Program
Chapter 14. The Party Splits
Chapter 15. Closing the Administration
Chapter 16. The Election of 1800
Chapter 17. Conclusion
I. Congressional Districts from 1703- 1803
II. The Alignment of Political Parties in 1796
III. Vote Charts and Maps
A. Vote Charts
B. Maps of House of Representatives Voting Record
IV. Documents: Original Text of Sedition Act
V. Comment on Summary of Causes for Party Alignment