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"Addiction and Art is an excellent beginning to creating better awareness and understanding of those struggling to recover from addiction. The book should become required reading for drug abuse awareness programs throughout the country."

"An innovative way to complement the science and research of addiction."

"Addiction and Art is a strange book but, if one of the functions of art is to make us think, then such strangeness works."

"An important book; recommended for all collections."

"There is also something expressed, something that provides an observer with an understanding of the feeling of addiction, and it is this that makes this book such a fascinating read. Art—that universal language—gives us an insight into the personal aspects of addiction that science alone is unable to explain."

"A worthwhile book, not only for the many striking images it presents, but also for showing how an involvement with art might for some prove therapeutic."

"Reading through it is hard work, but it is worth the effort."