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"If you have a depressed teen in your household, this book is a must-read."

"Because of its specialization, this book will provide significantly more applicable information than any general psychology text that covers a variety of mental health disorders."

"The book is comprehensive and thorough at almost 400 pages, providing a wealth of information on depression and its relevance to this vulnerable group."

"I heartily recommend this book to parents and relatives of adolescents who have or may have mood disorders. It... helps parents to understand the complexities of the problem [and] is optimistic of the likelihood of improvement with correct diagnosis and treatment."

"An outstanding work that surpasses anything else I have read for parents on clinical depression and bipolar disorder in teenagers."

"Clear, medically precise terminology, drawings, and diagrams."

"This is an intelligent and well-written work with a substantial amount of detail especially about medications and how they work."

"As I prepared this brief review, I found myself advising families to obtain their own copy of Dr. Mondimore's well-written, clear, and valuable book."

"This well-written book is both comprehensive and scientifically rigorous. Dr. Mondimore makes the complex concepts and terms involved in the diagnosis and treatment of adolescent depression enormously accessible to the layperson."

"Tired of all those guides for idiots and dummies? This book will provide some welcome relief... The author provides a solid reference tool for anyone who works with adolescents. It is highly recommended for education professionals as well as public libraries."

"This is Dr. Mondimore's best book yet, thorough and comprehensive. He provides information that is vital for parents, pediatricians, and general practitioners trying to understand the behavioral symptoms of mood disorders in adolescents."