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Table Of Contents

1. The Inner World
The Seed and the Soil
Cannon's Canons
The Comfort Level in Building 10
An Amazing Cooking Experiment
Death by Football
The Sleeper Hold
Snakes That Faint?
Rules of the Game
Same Difference
The All-Day Sucker
2. The "Automatic Nervous System"
Good Housekeeping
The Hot Line
How Does the Autonomic Nervous System Work?
3. The Arbiters of the Inner World
The Fat above the Kidneys
On the Risk of Being a Physician's Son
What's in a Name?
Catecholamines Look Like Cats
Adrenaline's Effects on the Body
Neuronal Soda Pop
The Getaway Car Analogy
The Atavistic Catecholamine
"First I Secreted a Hell of a Lot of Adrenaline"
A Play-Doh Model of the Brain
The Nobel Chemicals
4. The Rest of the Cast
The Axis Powers
The Water Works and Kosher Pickle Treatment
Salt Sense
Your Own Brand of Morphine
5. Stress as a Scientific Idea
A Brief History of Stress
Stress Response Patterns
6. Distress
Characteristics of Distress
Biblical Lie Detection
Distress versus the General Adaptation Syndrome
Fight Isn't Flight
The Nose of God
Stress in Evolutionary Perspective
Why Evolution Is a Worthwhile Theory and Creationism Isn'
Darwin and Ethology
The Price of Complexity Is Eternal Stress
Primitive Specificity
8. Dysautonomias
The "Mind-Body" Problem
Primary versus Secondary Dysautonomias
Secondary Dysautonomias
Primary Dysautonomias
9. Tests for Dysautonomias
Physiological Tests
Neuropharmacological Tests
Neurochemical Tests
Neuroimaging Tests
10. Treatments for Dysautonomias
Nondrug Treatments
Drug Treatments
11. Drugs and the Family
Catecholamines as Drugs
Legal Addictions
Speed Kills
Barbs and Benzos
You Aren't What You Eat, Luckily
12. The Future: Scientific Integrative Medicine
Return of the Getaway Car
Allostatic Load for People Who Hate Snakes
The Dialectic
Darwinian Medicine
Tactics and Strategies of Scientific Integrative Medicine
What, How, and Why

Adrenaline and the Inner World
An Introduction to Scientific Integrative Medicine
Publication Date: 15 Mar 2006
Status: Available
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Trim Size: 6" x 9"
Page Count: 328 pages
Illustrations: 49 b&w illus.
ISBN: 9780801882890