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"Patterson fills an important gap in the existing literature—a must-read book for scholars of global health governance."

"Combining rich theoretical insights with extensive fieldwork, Patterson provides a truly groundbreaking examination of how our global health structures operate within African contexts. Her book offers rich prose and nuanced challenges to our prevailing assumptions about global health governance. This book will prove valuable to students, researchers, and policymakers."

"A refreshing and necessary intervention on the most pressing concern of global health: Why aren’t those states and actors that are the focus of global health initiatives able to shape, implement and design them? This book not only unravels how this happens and the devastating consequences of exclusion, but also identifies future sources and sites of African agency in global health governance. A must-read for anyone with a genuine concern for the future of global health and Africa in the world."

"The highlight of the book is that it explores the issues in a positive way and does not take a critical "west knows best" approach. The solutions to the challenges presented are unique to the African continent and are explored in a way that can enable understanding and appreciation of this."